1967 Cultural Revolution of China

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Why did Mao launch the Cultural Revolution? For instance, do you think the occurrence of the CR had any connections with the CCP 's organizing principle and guiding ideologies, such as democratic dictatorship and the democratic-centralism, or was caused more by other reasons? Also, although many things people did during the Cultural Revolution look so absurd, irrational, and even cruel today, millions of Chinese, especially the Chinese youth seemed to be obsessed with the movement during that time. What do you think motivated the public to respond to Mao 's "last revolution" so actively? Please give your explanations. Moreover, please also discuss: How some Cultural Revolution mentality or phenomena remain working nowadays and
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For Mao, It was impossible to tolerate the fact that political elites of CCP were no longer cohesive and shared the same ideology. In order to achieve pure communism in the state, there was a need to remove other ideology which might probably undermine the governance of CCP. Therefore, Cultural Revolution was triggered off to eliminate people and elites who caused class struggle and violate the dominant dictatorship of CCP.
4. Explanation for active public response.
4.1 Cultural Revolution gained public supports though some scholars described it as “Ten-year disaster”. It did really badly affected people’s livelihood at that time. Indeed, it has aroused many scholars’ interest to study the general public’s enthusiasm for this massive movement. In order to transform China into a pure communist state, massive propaganda work has implemented to promote Chinese political philosophy. During the “First Five Year Plan”, the “Campaign on Education of Illiteracy” was launched to infused people with communist ideology. People who are the lower class of society like peasants, students and workers were the most targeted group because they occupied a larger proportion of population at that time. Mao manipulated people’s mindset by instilled people with communist value and ideals. (Guo,2013) People were easily controlled and influenced at that time for having not much education and more importantly communism was promoted as
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