1984 Active Reading Questions And Answers

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1984 Active Reading Notes Section I Page 3
 “It was a bright cold day in April” initially a description of the sight is given to the reader so they could get a sense of the location.

 The first character we were introduced to is Winston Smith. We see that in his house there is no power & that the government cuts off the power during the day. By this I assume that he is poor/in the struggle and he’s trying to make his way through life.  The quote “Big Brother is watching” this is an allusion which is really meaning that the government is watching you. They most have secret cameras hidden to detect any acts. For example in today’s modern day there are loads of conspiracy theories stating that we are being watched by the government and
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This quote is a great example of how the government tells you what you want to hear & also what you want to hear. Furthermore they can make you believe anything. Change is camouflaged and the one who can change the country is a law breaker.
Page 42
 “Day by day and almost minute by minute the past was brought up to date”

Winston makes it known that Big Brother is freighting him. He wouldn’t think it’s imaginably possible to brainwash the people of his country and erase what had happened.

Page 54
 "'It's a beautiful thing, the destruction of words'" (54)

The government is clearly trying to change everyone’s vocabulary/the way they speak. They are trying to make everyone speak “newspeak”, this is vital to the government’s manipulation so they can take more control over us. The exact same thing happened in real time after the war in 1948, this form of manipulation is called “Logocracy”.

Page 64
”Winston would be vaporized. O'Brien would be vaporized. Parsons, on the other hand, would never be vaporized"
This here is portraying how the intellectually strong can survive, and the lesser minds cannot bear to compete with someone strong like
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