1984 Big-Pharma Evils

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DUH, the answer to the meme’s question is rather SIMPLE … BIG-PHARMA CONTROLS a SMALL weak GOVERNMENT :( The abuse and evils of the corporate world FORCES US to have a BIG GOVERNMENT—for protection! One hundred percent fulfills George Orwell’s ‘1984, Big Brother is Watching’ OPPRESSIVE BOOT –- “crushing the face of humanity, forever.” For those in the UK, THIS CORPORATE fascism was the “FASCISM” he warned about, as a GREEDY fascist pig, named Napoleon in ‘Orwell’s Animal Farm’! Let a poor evicted child view that without ANY preconceived (brainwashing) idea … the meaning is CLEAR! SO, it doesn’t take a GENIUS to realize the Koch family’s created and owned LIBERTARIANS wants THESE
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