1984 By George Orwell: Literary Analysis

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In the foreboding literary text 1984 written by George Orwell, a terrifying dystopian society has seized the civilized world and plunged it into a state of paranoia and subjugation. This society controls everything within its dominion, and will stop at nothing to assert its total control and influence over every fundamental of society. Through symbolism, the author powerfully develops the idea that when total power is given to a small few, the abuse of that power may lead to the subjugation and ultimate control of those under its influence, suppressing any form of individuality or conscience. This is achieved through Orwell creating a harrowing depiction of what the future may hold, and how close we are to realizing that future. This idea …show more content…

However there is one trait common to every single one of them, including the one in 1984. Every single one had a leader dictating where the future of that society lead, and how they achieved that goal. The society present in 1984 is no different, and is under the absolute and complete control of the entity known as Big Brother. Big Brother is the ultimate symbol of the parties lust for domination and powerfully symbolizes the lengths at which it will travel to to ensure their unending rule of Oceania. As the figurehead and leader of the ruling Party of Oceania, Big Brother is responsible for the subjugation and dominance over everyone under his influence which includes: the creation of a modern language to narrow the minds of the populace, the constant surveillance of everyone and eliminating all threats to the state, and the overall destruction of any and all possibilities for individual creation and expression. In regards to what Big Brother stands for, it is clear that the true aim of the Party is the absolute control of all under their influence, in the pursuit of power in its purest form. This can be seen in the quote: “In the end the Party would announce that two and two made five, and you would have to believe it. It was inevitable that they should make that claim sooner or later: the logic of their position demanded it. Not merely the validity of experience, but the very …show more content…

The idea that when power is given to those who would corrupt and misuse it for personal gain is an important theme in the novel, and demonstrates an understanding that we as human beings are flawed, and often resort to our baser instincts of self preservation and self interest. The author powerfully develops this idea through symbols such as: The Newspeak Dictionaries every citizen must have. The enormous amount of telescreens watching your every move. And Big Brother in all his glory, leading society down a path of greatness and despair. In the end, Orwell has created a terrifyingly accurate representation of what our society may be in the future, and what it is currently progressing to. Power in the hands of those who would manipulate it to their own benefit, no matter the repercussions and effects it has on those around them, will lead to a society where human beings will be devalued into lifeless husks, deprived of all individuality or

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