A Literary Analysis Of 1984 By George Orwell

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The essay your about to read is a literary analysis of the book “1984 by George Orwell” it was written in 1948 as a thriller. Winston Smith is the main character of this story followed by two characters “Julia and O’Brien.” The book starts off with main character Winston being very frustrated with what is called the “Party” lead by a man named “Big Brother” hints the saying “big brother is watching you” from “George Orwell's worst fear” stated by express.co.uk. the book takes you for a ride through what the author believes will happen by the year 1984 he stats that Winston has a obsession with defining the party’s rules. In “1984”, lies, myths and false information controls the thinking of the citizens. The Party uses propaganda as…show more content…
Since no law are written and are only lived by the party can change them as they feel needed. “Newspeak” being one of these laws meaning only the party can put what is the truth for them which keeps the people with trust in them for they rely on the party. The people are washed to cut out critical think and to only do what they are told and only what is for them to believe. “Big Brother is Watching You” also meaning surveillance which is every where in Oceania the mostly used way by the party is the “telescreen” most commonly know as the television. There’s one in every building in Oceania they only serve two purposes one being monitoring and the other being propaganda the party uses the two way screens to view what people are doing in there homes and almost anywhere else. Even small things as facial expressions can be seen by the party to monitor all citizens. Only the high up party members have the option to turn them off for a shot period of time. Children are also used to monitor there parents and to report back to there “deviations”. With surveillance this high no one could show any time of negatively toward the party for the “Thought Police” would for sure be on to them. Hints the reason “Winston” the main character broke all laws and was captured and broke back to a member of “THE PARTY”. George Orwell created a world where a word can determine ones live and existence. Words play a

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