1984 Upper Class Analysis

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"The upper class desires to remain so, the middle class wishes to overthrow the upper class, and the lower class wants a classless system." In his famous novel, 1984, George Orwell writes about the different lifestyles and effects of the social class on the population of the world the book is set in. In this society the upper class, known as the "inner party", closely patrols and monitors the thoughts and actions of its citizen in their world of Oceania. Winston Smith, the protagonist member of the middle class known as the "outer party"challenges these leaders with his free and mindful thoughts that go against the party and disrupt their system. Winston feels the lower class, the "proles" are the only real humans in their society and he undermines the party's rules and laws in an attempt to escape their grasp. First of all, the upper class mindfully controls and supervises the below classes while, at the same time, occupies several advantages and privileges in their personal lives. Secondly, the middle class takes advantage of the Lows while wishing they had the life of the High despite their many benefits. Furthermore, the proles at the bottom are seen as the most inhumane and unimportant of the society while experiencing many hardships and disadvantages in life. Therefore, while the upper class enjoys its many benefits and power, the middle class has a great amount of aid but wants more and uses the Lows to get it, and the lower class suffers from poor treatment and
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