1994 Rwanda Genocide Analysis

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Anthropology taught us about culture, religion, early human history, and connecting with people worldwide. In modern society, politics play a role in maintaining power and hoping to bring peace to all state and nationwide groups. Our planet may be labeled as a peaceful environment; unfortunately, we deal with a number of violent conflicts and terror that continues to transpire in some cases. Millions of people perish as a result of these horrifying events. To prevent any more tragedies from happening in the future, people must act towards state governments to improve regulations on human rights. When people think of the definition genocide, the single notorious event they could think of is the Holocaust. This is not the case, however, for it has been around for many years and it’s still happening as of today. The 1994 Rwanda genocide is another example, resulting in a massacre of 800,000 Tutsi citizens by the Hutus. Young African children today are recruited in military groups and forced to use weapons in battle. The United States never paid any attention to such situations, even when they thought such circumstances are “normal.” …show more content…

Such situations apply to a large number of indigenous groups, especially towards Native Americans. They desperately wanted to keep their cultural identities in order to keep the peace with national and state government without facing acculturation. For most individuals, they were forced to abandon their practices and language by government policy or else face a series of harsh punishments, possibly worse, death. Today, many indigenous groups peacefully urged governments to restore peace and prevent any more damage to their

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