2013 American Community Survey Strengths And Weaknesses

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In this section we are going to discuss some of the strengths and weaknesses of the performance evaluations that are being carried out by the agency. Beginning with some of the strengths we discussed earlier, the census is not a good performance indicator because of time constraints; the census is conducted once every decade. Instead, the ACS/AFF is run by the census with the same excellent standards but is updated annually. Statistics on health insurance coverage in the United States based on information collected in the 2014 Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement (CPS ASEC) and the 2013 American Community Survey (ACS). Estimates from both surveys, conducted by the U.S. Census Bureau, reflect health insurance coverage …show more content…

The disparities are prevalent and continue to grow in numbers among minority communities. Aggressive and general health inequalities are higher among the poorer disadvantaged populations for years. Health disparities predominantly defined by socioeconomic status, sex, age, level of disability, geography, sexual orientation, or gender identity. But majority of statistical research defines it based on race and ethnicity. Within the data that has been collected By the Office of Minority Health doesn’t accurately represent the minorities in numbers as per the flaws on certain data used by third party collectors. But to rectify the disproportions, preventative measures must be implemented at an early age to eliminate or at least lower the chances of the development of disease later as an …show more content…

According to the Center for Advancing Medicine, “African Americans who believe their church is responsible for promoting health in their members and the community are also more willing to attend church-based health fairs.” (Parletta) Provide financial support to Religious organizations to conduct outreach, education, screening, referrals, and follow-up focusing on diabetes, cancer and HIV/AIDS. .Holding health fairs during church carnivals and church services are informative tactics to spreading the awareness and all for enrolling individuals into healthcare insurance, ACA. Not everyone is allotted the means to reach medical centers and hospitals, but having hospitals come to communities is an incentive to health prevention and awareness. Similar to that of Memorial Health Care Blood drive buses and the FIU bus providing free Mammograms, provided by the University’s Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine. The “Mammovan” this state of the art clinic on wheels provides 3D mammogram to any woman in the Miami design district which houses more than 100,000 women who do not have

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