Health Disparities And The Disproportionality Of Access For Care For African Americans

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Health Disparities and the Disproportionality of Access to Care for African Americans
Health disparities endure tenacious issues in the United States of America, setting certain groups at higher risk of being uninsured, limited access to care, facing a poorer quality of care, and overall negative health outcomes. The high incidence of health disparities reflects the range of individual, social, economic, racial/ethnic and environmental magnitudes. Among the minority groups, African-Americans disproportionately access health care and the health disparities clearly glow in the nationwide.
Purpose of the Study
The purpose of this research is to identify and measure the most common health disparities that cause African-Americans poor health outcomes, assesses the solutions, and provides alternative suggestions in order to reduce or eliminate the main health disparities.
Racial discrimination Racial classification has a possibility to expose an individual to racism and health disparities by influencing access to care, scope and quality of care, and overall health outcomes. In the United States of America, the secret codes of socioeconomic status are deeply spotted by race, causing the racial differences in socioeconomic status and becomes the main element to racial differences in health and health care (Kennedy, 2013). Many studies have indicated that African-Americans distrust medical practices and medical professionals due to a long history tied to the unethical treatment…
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