2015 Hume Teachers ' Scholarship Nomination - Open Category

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2015 Hume Teachers’ Scholarship Nomination – Open Category Nominee: Arlene Rankothge – Meadow Heights Education Centre Criteria 1 Provide three or more examples of how the nominee: a. Inspires students and the school community to participate in lifelong learning b. Uses innovation in the classroom The teacher whom I would like to nominate in the open category is Arlene Rankothge from Meadow Heights Education Centre who teaches Certificates in Spoken and Written English. She is one of the hardest working and most dedicated teachers I have ever had the pleasure to meet. Over the past four years that I have known and worked alongside Arlene, I have witnessed the lengths she goes to, not only to teach her students how to read and write in another language, but also the basic skills they need to settle into life in a new country. Arlene will go out of her way, staying back after class or giving up her breaks, to help those that are struggling with their new language by giving them extra tutoring. No one appreciates the hard work Arlene does for her students than the students themselves. One example that comes to mind is how when Arlene had a student who had to withdraw from class due to treatments for a health related problem, she encouraged the student to come into the class whenever she felt up to it, to still give her the social and support aspect that the class offered, while keeping her English skills up, and not letting the student’s mind be focused solely on the fear of

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