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Emergency 24 Hour Dentist in Columbus, Ohio Finding a 24 hour dentist will always be difficult. However, in Columbus, there are a variety of emergency dentists available to help at almost any time. Emergency dental care is as necessary as emergency medical care, but most people don’t know how to access it. Below is a discussion of some of the best dentists in Columbus, so you’ll be prepared for a dental emergency.

Grandview Dental Care
Dentists: Dr. William Thompson, Dr. Abraham Hoellrich, Dr. Vishal Chitkara
1220 Grandview Avenue, Columbus, Ohio, 43212 (614) 486-7378 Grandview Dental Care has thirty years of dentistry experience in treating patients in the most comfortable way possible. Their doctors and staff …show more content…

This makes them wary of things like x-rays, despite the fact the radiation is minimal. Radiation is measured in millirems, shortened to mrem. The average dental x-ray exposes an individual to .5-3 mrem. An average chest x-ray exposes an individual to 10 mrem, a mammogram exposes an individual to 40 mrem, and a spinal x-ray exposes an individual to 120 mrem. For context, in the United States, the average person is exposed to 300 mrem in a year at sea level, 400 mrem at elevations. The atomic bombs in Japan were 100% fatal at 600,000 mrem, and 50% fatal at 450,000 mrem. There is a huge difference between the fatal numbers and the numbers used in medical …show more content…

Pain in the mouth can be relieved by applying an ice pack on the outside of the mouth where the injury was sustained. This will reduce swelling too. This will burn the gums. Rinsing the mouth with mild salt water solutions can ease infections.

Emergency Dental Situations
Chipped or Broken Tooth: The first step in this situation is to gather any pieces that you can find and rinse them with warm water. You should rinse out your mouth with warm water as well. If there’s any bleeding, apply pressure as you would with an injury anywhere else on the body. To combat swelling and pain, an ice pack on the outside of the mouth may help. See an emergency dentist in Columbus as soon as you can.

Loose or Lost Crown If you can, try and slip the crown back onto the tooth. Apply denture adhesive or toothpaste to the inner surfaces of the crown before attempting this, to try and make the crown stay in place. Swabbing the tooth with clove oil may help combat some of the pain. For this particular emergency, it is critical to get in to see one of Columbus’ emergency dentists as soon as

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