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Earlier this summer on the 14th of August at the Criterion Theatre in Oxford Circus, I went the evening performance of The 39 Steps. The 39 Steps was originally a book by John Buchan set before the First World War, the book was later adapted into a film directed by Alfred Hitchcock. It was a serious book and film following a bachelor called Richard Hannay who meets a mysterious German woman at a play, the women begs him to take her home with him and later reveals she is a spy trying to discover the truth about an organisation trying to steal British defence plans and something called the 39 steps. Later the women is assassinated in Hannay’s home and he is the main suspect, he sets out to try and prove his innocence by finishing what the …show more content…
There was a lot of breaking the fourth wall to keep to audience involved because the main priority of this play was to entertain not to tell a story, in fact a lot of the story was left out and left the audience’s imagination. In the climax of the play the villain is shot dead by a mysterious hand that you could see creep out of the curtain and shot him. His final words were “IT WAS SUPPOSED TO BE A CAST OF FOUR!” as all four actors were on stage so it couldn’t have been anyone the audience were aware of.
There was banter at one point between the actors and the audience where Hannay was making a speech to an invisible audience but also us at the same time, he asked what was supposed to be a rhetorical question he asked “Shall we not just enjoy this period of peace?” and someone shouted out “YEAH!” and he looked directly at them and pointed and said “thank you kind sir!” the actors made the audience feel it was acceptable to interact with them even unpredictably.
Using a very limited amount of props and only a small end on stage, they managed to create multiple characters and locations; they had a lot of recurring jokes and used the rule of three and a lot of slapstick humour. For example at one point the German women says “There are men following me look out
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