3D Viewing of Geology Settings in Specific Areas

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1: Study Area: The target area of the potential for oil extraction is about 20km2 (Figure 1), located in east of London, the bottom river of the outline area is river Thames. Figure1. Study area outline 2: Aim of the project Built a 3D model through Arc-scene of outline area, find the oil bearing rock then calculated the potential oil reserves. 3: Methodology used and tools Main software used: Arc-scene. Arc-scene is three-dimensional (3D) modelling software that allows you to view your GIS data in three dimensions .cause the main aim of the project is find the oil reservoir and calculated the reservoir volume in outline area. A 3D model can directly shows the under- ground geology condition using available borehole data (the surface is provided in project). And is really helpful for calculating the oil reservoir volume. i. Create a raster surface of deposits layers according to the borehole data(the surface is provided ) through “IDW” tool. ii. Using “Raster to Tin tool” to transform raster surface to tin surface. iii. Creating multipatches between each tin using the tool “Extrude between”. iv. As the oil reservoir exist in layer4 and the upper and lower boundary is already known, we can create a multipatch to confine the upper and lower boundary of oil reservoir (the data is based on the provided contact depth) and using “Intersect 3D” tool to build the oil reservoir v. Calculate the volume of oil reservoir using the tool of “Add Z information”. 4:

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