Beta Rebellion Essay

Decent Essays is a community filled with every type of individual one could imagine, all hidden behind computer screens under anonymity. A person can say or do almost anything in one post, and then be a completely different person in the next. Obviously this would attract many deviant minded individuals who could express themselves without regret. Although 4chan is widely diverse, the majority of the social movements are aided by the “random” subcategory of the site, also known as /b/. /b/’s makeup is almost entirely teenage to middle aged Caucasian males who reside near the lower end of the economic spectrum. There are millions of people involved in this community, yet only some are brave enough to physically involve themselves in the social movement known as the Beta Rebellion, or the Beta Uprising. The entire intent of the Beta Rebellion is to rebel against the social norms associated with attractiveness, wealth, education etc. Turner and Killian would be very interested in the acts of violence that the members of the Beta Rebellion took part in. The daring souls that committed acts of violence in the name of 4chan are most likely well educated, normally socially adjusted and left-leaning atheists who suffer …show more content…

The talk of rebellion evolve and eventually members of the beta rebellion started to commit vulgar acts in real life. Contrary to what Fox news, and other fringe far-right, far-left news sources would have you believe, this has nothing to do with politics (Zed). There is no underlying misogyny, political zeal, religious or atheist drive. There is no grand, overarching theme or logical goal. This is pure, unadulterated chaos, for entertainment purposes and simply just to rebel. As sad as it may sound, the lives of many members were so empty that then would join any group, fad, or movement if it meant they got to be a part of

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