60’s in America Essay examples

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A decade of much misfortune and prosperity is the 1960’s. If you can remember anything about it, then you were not apart of it; the 1960’s an era most popular known as the sixties. The sixties, was a time of much change. People’s way of life had completely changed at the turn of the decade. It was the first decade to be radically different, then one’s before. It is the decade to set the trends of all to come. It started a large progressive movement, it created distrust throughout the country, and finally an innovative time that set the path to the technology era. The United States, during the 1960’s was a very progressive time for our country; the way people lived there life changed dramatically and has not been the same since. The …show more content…
The progressiveness of the sixties paved the way to the future of the United States. Although the progression the United States had instilled, the distrust was very prominent also. The Cold War is a period of much tension between the United States and Soviet Russia. The Cold War itself was not a war; during it however there was. The distrust between the nations rampage as they both knew of each others nuclear bombs. Following with the distrust of the Cold War, Soviet Russia had been sending nuclear device’s to Cuba. During this grueling time the United States had there own nuclear weaponry in Turkey; for retaliation if Cuba/Soviet Russia attacks United States Land. During this difficult time it left the tension between the two nations much higher. With the distrust between the nations, there was still a lot in our own nation; with the assassination of many political and peace figures. President John F. Kennedy was assassinated November 22, 1963. A president whose goals involved creating peace and landing on the moon; were short lived after his assassination. He created the Peace Corps and his goal of landing on the moon prevailed. As for another highly known peace icon, Martin Luther King, Jr. was assassinated April 4, 1968. His vision of peace and civil rights were also short handed. Although our civil rights have came a long way since his assassination, without his peace movement, blacks still would be more discriminated against. A
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