667 Milliliters Experiment

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All of the tests were fair enough. Our first experiment was ⅓ (667 milliliters) and that test went very well. Our second experiment was ½ (1000 milliliters),⅓ (667 milliliters), and ¼ (500 milliliters). We tested all three bottle and it came down to two water amounts which were ½ (1000 milliliters) and ⅓ (667 milliliters). We used a mountain dew round cylinder bottle in all of our tests because it was the best type of bottle more than the rest of the bottle and we did a lot of research and that bottle was the most common bottle to build a bottle rocket . We filmed videos on both water amount and they both went really high except there was a .2 second difference between the two amounts. Overall the group decided that ⅓ was the highest since it beat ½ by .2 seconds. Some Manipulated variables are The water …show more content…

When I designed multiple tests which were using the coca cola bottle with ⅓ (667 milliliters)which was for the first test and a Mountain Dew bottle for the second trial which was ¼ (500 milliliters). The second day we tested the group designed tests of ⅓ (667 milliliters) and ½ (1000 milliliters). The final test we did on the third day was ⅓ (667 milliliters) and ½ (1000 milliliters). After all three days of testing the group decided that ⅓ (667 milliliters) and a round cylinder bottle worked the best. Overall all of our tests were fair enough since they all had accurate results and we had good data recorded. The only difference between the ⅓ bottle and ½ bottle was that is that the ⅓ bottle went higher but came down faster than the ½ bottle. The Final Recommendation is to use a round cylinder bottle and ⅓ full of water (667 milliliters) because it goes the highest and it goes straight up since it has the perfect water

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