77022 Zip Code Research Paper

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The 77022 zip code in Houston has the perfect combination of historic buildings and new developments. You will find plenty of great places to eat and shop. Spend a day in the 77022 zip code, and you will find some of Houston's finest attractions. From restaurants to malls, everything you need can be found within the 77022 zip code.

River Oaks District
When the weather is perfect, you will love shopping at this outdoor mall. This shopping center has everything you need for the ultimate luxury shopping trip. The movie theater has reclining seats, and you are only a few minutes away from Hermes and Dior. Whether you want to spend a few thousand dollars or simply window shop, you will find everything you could possibly want at the River Oaks District shopping mall.

iPic Theater
The IPic may be the best theater in Houston. Along with your movie, you can enjoy reclining seats and great food. The theater has great customer service, and …show more content…

Hot and cold sandwiches are always freshly prepared. You can eat outside on the upper level, or you can grab a seat on the large patio. If you want to enjoy some live music, you should do your grocery shopping on the weekends. You can find plenty of organic produce and exotic spices. If you love chocolate, the large selection of gourmet chocolate will make you smile. The market also has a floral department.

Nielsen's Deli
This deli has a nostalgic and quaint vibe. The restaurant does have minimal seating, but the food is delicious. The mayo sauce is always homemade, and the restaurant has plenty of repeat customers. There is usually a long line on weekends.

Uptown Cosmetic & Implant Dentistry
Most people do not look forward to dental appointments, but the dentists here care about their patients. They are genuinely friendly, and you might walk out the door with a smile on your face. Many patients recommend this office to their family and

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