Have You Ever Been In Dental Limbo?..... Who Do I Go To?

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Have you ever been in dental limbo?..... Who do I go to? Am I going to a good dentist? Are they in my insurance plan? Will they treat me well? Over the past few years, I felt like I was on a dental quest after my long-time dentist retired. I never realized that it would be that hard to find another dentist who met my strict requirements - clean & sanitary office, friendly, helpful & sincere office staff , and, the most important factor, a great dentist who not only treats you with respect, listens to your patient concerns, is aware of costs of procedures but who is also highly qualified. I thought I would never find my "perfect" dentist. I searched and searched. The first dentist I found wanted to give me a root canal so I ended up getting …show more content…

They are kind, respectful and make you feel welcome. In regards to dentistry, Dr. Endres is outstanding. She goes over everything with you in detail and has these inter-oral cameras that allow you to see what she is talking about when you see your mouth on the flat- screen televisions in each operatory (granted seeing the inside of your mouth isn 't the prettiest picture but, come on, you are at the dentist). The comfy patient chairs and flat screen television are also there so you can put on your favorite show while you 're having those teeth cleaned. Dr. Endres is very gentle and if you have any qualms about going to the dentist, her calming personality will put you at ease. I have referred many friends to her practice and they have all been very impressed with their quality of care. Now even though I think Dr. Endres is the best dentist in Cincinnati, it might be nice for you to know that she 's a 5th generation Cincinnatian. In 1999, she received her Bachelor of Science degree in Biochemistry from Denison University. From there, she attended the University Of Kentucky College Of Dentistry and in 2003 she obtained her Doctorate in Dental Medicine. Prior to opening her own practice, Dr. Endres worked as an associate dentist in North Carolina and then returned to Cincinnati and worked in practices in West Chester, Hyde Park and South Dayton, Ohio. "I opened my own practice because I felt and

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