8th Grade Research Paper

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Eighth grade is an exciting year as pupils are prepared for their departure into high school. This, of course, comes with the endless speeches of preparing for the future. Some of this preparation includes encouraging students to think about their future. Some of this preparation includes encouraging students to think about their future careers they may want. Doing this helps the eighth graders realize the importance of looking at careers early on so when the time comes for them to be employed they aren’t freaking out and having existential crises. At an attempt to match a job with our interests we were asked to take an online quiz. This quiz would spew out categories which could be clicked and opened. Within them would be a list of jobs. After …show more content…

However, I didn’t know until recently how much effort it would take. It would require working in a highly competitive environment that demands dancers to constantly improve and be judged on every little thing while being critiqued constantly. This, in turn, leads to a very stressful work day. A dancer’s day generally ranges from seven to eight hours of exhausting exercise. The skills that are necessary to perform these tasks are the ability to work with others, have high stamina, high endurance, ability to pick up choreography quickly, have strong pas skills, and be able to think on your feet. For all that work the salary is only ten to twenty five dollars an hour. Thinking of all the strict rules may seem overwhelming but there is one thing that isn’t strict, the attire. Being a professional dancer allows you to chose any outfit you feel fit to dance in. Traditionally for females a leotard and tights are worn under a shirt and pants. They may also wear socks and warm-up boots to keep their feet warm in long rehearsals. Thinking of the fact that the rehearsals are long usually lasting all day sometimes with a performance right after. It seems next to impossible to attend school while pursuing a career in ballet. However, some dancers go to college and major in dance before starting their career. This is more risky though considering

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