9/11 English Creation Story

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“Go somewhere where we don’t have to deal with you.” Gassed the Sun’s mother. So, the sun floated away without a goodbye or a smile.
The Sun’s sorrow overtook him, and he cried for many orbits. He cried and cried, of he cried so much, until out of nowhere a rainbow stone appeared. The stone had a heart as strong as a vampire’s golden heart, a heart so rare, that had not a single ounce of darkness. The Sun had cried himself a friend. The Sun played with the rainbow stone, everyday injecting them both with the power of friendship. One day the rainbow stone cracked and a heavy white ball that glowed eye hurting bright yellow, hatched. He was an angry little Moon! He even went as far as declaring war on Sun! Didn’t take a significant amount …show more content…

Sadly the planet was not in either of there hands and it ran rampant without order or logic. Creatures who formed on the planet were called Demons or Tagradorians, in their formal language. After hundreds of years, the planet had not made any progress in helping itself. Finally the hatred combusted and exploded! Moon and Sun were sadly caught in the cross fire! Giving Moon many burnt black wounds. Darker than any abyss they had ever seen. Moon collapsed from his normal orbit in pain. His entire left side was paralyzed. This new side of Moon was as we know, ‘the shadow of the moon’. Sun named him Stormy because the uncreative ‘the shadow of the moon’ was far too long. Stormy shared everything with Moon including Moon’s beautiful heart. Moon’s heart made Stormy unwillingly kind and friendly. However, sometimes the pure darkness of Stormy’s genetics strikes their heart like a storm covering the moon, making Stormy …show more content…

I turned my head to see the night sky. The ocean was so calm that it appeared as though a mural of stars were in front of me, as though I could leap forward into the black blanket of white sparkles. A star that shined yellow grew bigger as time went on. I imagined it was a firefly floating over the ocean just a short distance away. Oddly enough the firefly was moving closer to me somehow. The firefly started to appear as a small cat walking down from the sky.
“Don’t be afraid, I am not here to harm you but, to help you. Well actually I am here for a purpose. You are not aware of, and because of that I shall not tell you. I am Moon. It is nice to speak to you Stormy.” Moon smiled and waved his tail for me to come sit next to him.
“How did you know my name?” I asked curiously. Some crazy fire fly cat descends from the heavens and expects me to be all cool about it like “Oh hey how was the weather up there?”
“I am the Moon.” Moon pointed with his tail towards the gigantic rock that orbited the world in a unpredictable pattern. Actually made a lot more sense that the rock had a conscious rather then a scientifically respective pattern that anyone could figure

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