9/11: A Fictional Narrative

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Suena was walking home and she felt like she was being followed, but she thought it was because of the horror movie she watched the night before. It was about a twenty minute walk for Surena to get home and she often enjoyed but that day she didn’t enjoy it. When she got home there was a note on her fridge from her mother saying she’ll be back in a couple of hours and that there was leftovers in the fridge. She still had that icky feeling that someone was watching her, she kept saying in her head that it was just the horror movie scaring her. Her dog Belle was eating the couch again, when her mom got home she’d be mad. Surena went up stairs to her bedroom and forgot to lock the door that day, when her mother warned her many times before to…show more content…
Out of nowhere she smelt something smokey coming from the vent, she had no idea what it really was. Then smoke started coming through the vent and she could now tell that there was a fire going on in her house. Surena was having a panic attack because she couldn’t get out of the chair. She was coughing and she couldn’t breath, she was even crying.
“Help! Someone help me!” Surena tried to yell but there was too much smoke around. Then she saw a little figure coming into her mother’s room, it was Bell… “Belle get out of here! Out!” Surena yelled. Belle wouldn’t move, she came over to Surena and started to tug on the rope. Eventually Belle managed to get Surena untied out of the chair. Belle looked pretty sick so she had to get out of that room. Surena grabbed the door handle and, it was extremely hot.
“Ouch,” Surena jumped. She grabbed a piece of clothing to put over her hand so she could open the door. The door swung open and Surena picked up Belle and ran out the door. There was fire everywhere, she could barely see anything. She heard police cars out side the house with fire trucks. They were spraying the house. Surena felt very dizzy because of the smoke and her dog didn’t look so
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