A BWB aircraft is a configuration where the wing and fuselage are integrated which essentially

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A BWB aircraft is a configuration where the wing and fuselage are integrated which essentially results in a large flying wing. BWB aircraft were previously called ‘tailless airplanes’ and ‘Flying-Wing aircraft’. It is an unconventional aircraft design that has continued to attract a great deal of interest due to the promise of great aerodynamic advantages. The conventional wing fuselage configuration has been proven design for many years but, from aerodynamic point of view, is lacking efficiency. The fuselage provides for a great amount of drag while contributing nothing to the lift of the aircraft. This deficiency has always been balanced by the need for an adequate section to hold the passengers and cargo. The idea for the blended wing…show more content…
It was given the personal approval of German Luftwaffe Reichsmarschall Hermann Göring as it was the only aircraft to come close to meeting his "3×1000" performance requirements, namely to carry 1,000 kilograms (2,200 lb) of bombs a distance of 1,000 kilometers (620 mi) with a speed of 1,000 kilometers per hour (620 mph). Before Horten Ho 229, the Horten Ho I was their first glider which was tested at Bonn-Hagelar in 1933 and was not successful. They constantly improved the design from Horten Ho II to Horten Ho IV which was a complete successful fly to Horten Ho IX. Their Ho series aircraft utilized three sets of trailing edge control surfaces - inboard flaps, elevons, and tip mounted drag rudder. The war ended before any Horten designs could be used for combat. On 14th April 1945, the American Army arrived at the production factory and captured the Horten Ho 229 and construction was discontinued of what had been the first jet propelled Flying-Wing. • Jack Northrop Designs The Northrop Corporation in the USA (now known as the Northrop Grumman Corporation) developed the experimental long range heavy bomber aircrafts to carry nuclear weapons during the World War II for the US Army Air forces. Jack Northrop started out as a designer and engineer for Donald Douglas in 1923. Northrop was convinced that the efficiency of aircraft could be substantially increased by the
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