A Beautiful Mind Analysis

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. In the beginning of the movie John Nash is presented as a mad genius or a typical stressed college student. He had received a scholarship to Princeton University, this is the place where he started displaying his illness. Nash’s mind was always working to figure out solutions to some unknown problem, however, his actions go way beyond the normal “mad genius”. Nash is mentally ill with one of the worst mental disorders, schizophrenia. In multiple scenes he shows significant signs of biological, psychological and social schizophrenia. Such as repetitive and agitated movements, delusions, and paranoia. For a majority of the film he is actively delusional, seeing and hearing people that aren’t there. “Hearing voices is actually more common and one of the key symptoms in making a diagnosis of schizophrenia” (Ciccarelli & White, 2013, p. 477).
2. About fifteen minutes in A Beautiful Mind (2002), you see how Nash socially interacts. In this scene, two men approach the punch table talking, not noticing Nash, until he lightly insults at one of the gentlemen’s ties. Two more people join the small party around the table, the group have a trivial conversation until Nash excuses himself and heads back to his dorm (A Beautiful Mind, 2002). During this scene Nash displayed agitated movements and disorganized speech, in which both of these are major signs of schizophrenia (Ciccarelli & White, 2013, p. 477). In a later scene, Nash has basically lived in the library of the university for

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