A Beautiful Mind Is Based On The Life Of The Prize Winner John Nash

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“Psychological disorders: are any pattern of behavior or thinking that causes people significant distress, causes them to harm others, or harms their ability to function in daily life” according to Ciccarelli & White (2015). The American film A Beautiful Mind is based on the life of the 1994 Nobel Prize winner John Nash. This biographical film describes the life of the mathematician through all the stages of his life, starting when he was a college student at the University of Princeton, to professor and finally as a schizophrenic recovering patient. One of the many remarkable aspects in the life of Dr. Nash is his recovery from Schizophrenia. The psychological disorder schizophrenia is one of the many psychological disorders that people suffer, this disorder includes several different types of symptoms, and it is characterized by disorganized thought, perception and behavior. There are several treatments for this disorder, which include different medication, but in this particular case John Nash helped to his prompt recovery by having the will to fight the disorder, but first he had to acknowledge the fact that he was actually hallucinating several parts of his life, which for many people could be the most difficult step to take towards the recovery from the disorder.

Analyzing Psychological Disorders in Movies: A Beautiful Mind
Outline of Disorder Schizophrenia is a complex disorder which difficult the person who suffers to differentiate between real or
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