A Befriended Brother in Mansfield Park by Jane Austen

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He is the brother of Fanny Price, whom is the main character of the novel. Fanny is taken in by her uncle, Sir Thomas Bertram and leaves her biological family, which is both unfortunate as well as fortunate for Fanny. By living with the Bertrams, she is allowed a better education and to be raised in a higher form of etiquette due to the fact that her family did not have as much money as the Bertrams did. The ill-fated part of her story is that she must leave her brother, William who, in the result, gains access into the navy because of his connections with Fanny’s adopted family.
Jane Austen writes a novel that both pushes at the romantic standards that women had to obey to while also focusing on a great deal of love within the family. The love that Fanny has for her brother right until the end of the novel is striking and heart-warming. William is the older brother that every little sister wants to look up to, he is not only an idol to Fanny but a role model to the readers of the narrative. Austen creates characters to dislike and characters that convey emotion. Lady Bertram is one character of which the reader’s dislike does not stop for due to her mean attitude towards Fanny and the fact that she is almost constantly sitting on the couch with her pug, which she treats as if she loves more than her own children. Other characters, such as William, allow for the novel to not be one of complete hate amongst…
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