A Behavioral Analysis Of John Brown 's Martyr Or Terrorist

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In “A Behavioral Analysis of John Brown: Martyr or Terrorist,” James N. Gilbert effectively argues that John Brown’s inhumane actions clearly conform to a modern definition of a domestic terrorist. Gilbert argues that Brown justified his inhumane actions by proclaiming adherence to high political and moral values. Gilbert is a professor and former chair of the department of criminal justice at the University of Nebraska-Kearney who specializes in criminal investigative theory. In fact, Gilbert authored Criminal Investigation, which is now it its eighth edition, as well as numerous journal articles. According to Gilbert, Brown lived during a time when both the political process and democratic values had been destroyed by slavery. Gilbert offers insight throughout his argument regarding Brown’s controversial actions as Brown was unalterably opposed to slavery. Overall, in his analysis, Gilbert successfully proves that Brown’s inhumane actions relate to a modern definition of a terrorist as Brown believed that terror and violence were the only ways to abolish slavery. According to Gilbert, “in order to define Brown precisely as a terrorist rather than as a martyr, the meaning of terrorism must be explored.” (587) In the beginning of his analysis, Gilbert includes many interpretations and definitions of terrorism in order to successfully prove that Brown’s heinous actions conform to the definitions of terrorism. According to many psychological theorists, the most common type of

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