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A brave new world
America land of the free and home of the brave or at least that’s what we’re raised to think. The suppression of civil liberties has lingered amongst us since the birth of this nation. To resolve this problem, the federal government is known to introduce legislation in order to balance equality in society. Since companies are bound to the law of the land, they must comply with all rules and regulations but often, largely successful companies will go above and beyond meeting the standard by listening to public opinion. It is often a choice for companies however, to decide which is the best opinion to follow. As a nation we once were in full swing in support of civil liberties but in light of recent events, (such as the …show more content…

Unfortunately, King 's dream has not been fully realized and much of the nation still judge one another on surface grounds such as skin color, religion, and more specifically sexuality and gender. Companies, schools and business across the country can help alleviate this issue.
Since media has a large impact on the way gender identities are constructed, perhaps companies can televise the inclusion of people who do not fit the general social norm. In fact companies are just starting to initiate in this practice. One recent example can be seen in the new Disney movie, Beauty and the Beast, where a cast member is portrayed as an openly gay character or Amazons streaming release of Transparent, about a Transgender Mother. No law states that film cinema must be this inclusive in their productions, yet Disney decided to promote the civil liberties of others through their inclusion and did so successfully. Disney did obtain some criticism from this action however it has also obtained praise from progressive communities. If this were the 1960s Disney would have never considered casting an openly gay character but since todays society and culture are more accepting and open minded this was possible. Disney was influenced by society to move forward on such an uncommon casting decision, which portrays the countervailing forces model. The model suggests there is no dominant entity and

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