Essay about A Brief Biography of William Blake

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Have you ever heard of a guy name William Blake? No, if not I can tell you things about him. William Blake was born over his father’s modest history shop at Broad Street, Golden Square, London. His dad name was James Blake and his mother name was Catherin Wright Armitage Blake. Did Blake have any Brother and Sisters? Yes he had four brothers and one sister their names are: John Blake, Richard Blake, James Blake, John William, and Catherin Elizabeth (A1). William Blake father was a prosperous hosier. He encouraged young Blake’s artistic tastes and sent him to drawing school. At the age of 14 Blake was apprenticed to James Basire, Whom he stayed until 1778. After he left Royal Academy. In 1782 he married Catherine Bouncher, Whom he taught to…show more content…
Did Blake do his poetry in the ordinary way? No he did not use technology he used his brother vision and designed them on copper in a liquid impervious to acid (E3). Blake was profession was engraving, and his principal avocation was painting in watercolurs. In his boyhood all he did was poet. 1780s he attended the literary and artistic salons of the bluestocking Harriet Matthew (E4). Blake’s last years. From 1818 to 1827, were comfortable and productive, Blake’s woodcuts for a school text of Virgil (1821) (E5).
Blake died in his cramped room in Fountain Court, the strand, London, on Aug.12, 1827
Just before he died. His eyes got brightened and he burst out singing of the things he saw in Heaven. He had a very beautiful funeral service of the Church of England (E6). Thomas Merton mentioned Blake was stimulus for the conversion of Merton to Catholicism. Blake has further clarified the sources of his amavalence towards his own creativity (F1). Blake’s had something wonderful engraving of the ‘Hiding of Moses’ it was remarkable for it decorations than for literary contents (G1). Blake loved the world of sprit and abominated institutionalized religion. 1797 he wrote to Bishop Watson’s apology for the bible. He begin to work vigorously as a independent engraving (H1). Blake published songs of experience and combined it with his previous lyrics to
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