A Brief Look at Abortion

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Have you ever heard of the word abortion at all? Abortion is a very diverse topic in our world today, especially in the United States. Many people do not know what abortion really means. Abortion is when a woman purposely terminates, or kills, her pregnancy, most often during the first 28 weeks after conception (Google). While some some people know this, still others are not aware of why someone would choose to have an abortion. Many people may think rape is the highest cause women have abortions. But, what they do not know, is less than 1% of women have an abortion after being raped (Abortions in America). The two major reasons women have abortions are because of poor finances and responsibility. Both reasons are 21% of all the explanations women give when they are having an abortion (Abortions in America). The other causes include:her life would change too much, which is 16%; she is unmarried, 12%; too young or immature, 11%; she has all she wants, 8%; or the baby has potential health problems (Abortions in America). This shows that when legalizing abortion, all these women that are having abortions because of those reasons, will have access to professionally-performed abortion centers and will reduce the risk of death from unsafe, illegal abortions (Abortion).

The Church VS. the Government

Many people believe abortion is wrong because of what their religion is. The others, believe that state laws should not be there because of what someone's religion
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