Abortion And The Morality Of It

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Abortion and the morality of it has been a hot topic for years in the United States although it has been carried out for centuries in different cultures. Abortion is a medical procedure deliberately terminating a pregnancy. Abortions usually happen within the first 28 weeks of pregnancy and are considered an outpatient procedure. The first abortion laws were passed by Britain in 1803 and by 1880 most abortions in the U.S. were illegal, except for those that were performed to save the life of a woman. This exception to the rule gives insight into the battle that exists today and the ethical debate of abortion. As stated in Landau (pg. 232), “Every moral theory we have considered thus far is absolutist. Most of these views are monistic, defending the idea that there is just a single absolute moral rule.” This theory cannot be followed for abortion if we look at it and say there are exceptions to the rule. Abortion is unethical and immoral because it kills a human being, yet if the pregnancy is endangering the wellbeing of the mother it is morally just. What defines the wellbeing of the mother? Who gets to decide if the wellbeing of the mother is being challenged, I would dare say that is the mother. According to the website thefeminist.com “Abortion became a crime and a sin for several reasons. A trend of humanitarian reform in the mid-19th century broadened liberal support for criminalization, because at that time abortion was a dangerous procedure done with crude methods,

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