A Brief Look at Genesis

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The author of Genesis is anonymous but most scholars attribute its composure to Moses. Genesis is believed to have been dated to around 1445 BC (Illustrated Bible Survey an Introduction, 2013).Genesis is part of the Pentateuch or 5 scrolls (Illustrated Bible Survey an Introduction, 2013). It was written for the Israelites to understand their history and creation. Genesis is the beginning. This book begins at our creation. It describes our creation and purpose. The creation of the world and its inhabitants and expansive space (i.e. other planets, galaxies and stars) is all discussed within its pages. We see where we began and how we ended up where we are, living a sin nature. It discusses our fall and original sin. Adam and Eve God’s original creation sinned and were exiled from the Garden of Eden. We see the God’s judgment in the flood. This is where God sees our evil and floods the Earth only sparing Noah and his family. Our foolish acts that lead to various languages and nations from the tower of Babel can be found in Genesis 10:1-11:9. The patriarchs of the Bible begin here. The stories of Abraham, Isaac, Jacob, and Joseph can be found within Genesis. This is the creation of the covenant relationship with God. The Abrahamic Covenant begins here in Genesis 12:1-13 (Illustrated Bible Survey an Introduction, 2013). Here we learn what blessing God has in store for the Israelites.


Sarah, Abraham’s wife was born Sarai. Her birth year is estimated by many

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