A Brief Note On Coal And Its Effects On The Environment

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Coal has been driving the world’s energy needs since the Roman Empire, however it is not without repercussions. Coal is a dirty energy source that is dangerous to acquire and environmentally devastating when used. It has caused numerous health issues in miners, contaminated local water supplies, and is responsible for the depletion of the ozone. Although coal is a widely used energy source, the world should invest in finding alternative and more efficient energy sources. Surveying is the observation of potential land that a considerable amount of a resource in underneath. In order to survey, the land and the effects of mining are tested; these include the effects on the human population in the area and the effect on the environment. Surveying has three major components: Exploration, Geological Modelling, and Mine Design. Exploration is finding the site that the coal is at. In order for surveyors to find an adequate site, they must either dig into the land and test the layers of the ground or use a top layer method that tests the top of the ground for significant minerals. Geological Modelling is creating a model piece of land on a 3D modeler and using it to track and test coal mining. Mine design has to be taken into consideration because after the site is approved for mining, it also has to be approved to support a mine. Surveying also includes obtaining property rights and legal forms to ensure thoroughness. When mining, there are two methods for mining coal: surface
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