A Brief Note On Companion Or Food?

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Companion or Food? What is food? While some people believe that anything that is not human and can be consumed safely for humans in order to help their survival can be considered food, others have different opinions. Perhaps the best example for such controversy lies right in people 's homes. Over the course of the decade numerous individuals have chose to speak about their opinions on the consumption of animals that are considered pets. Numerous studies have been done in order to prove and disprove the health and emotional benefits or harm of such acts, but in the end the justification of such actions still remains subjective. Although the list of pet animals is large in size, this paper aims to focus on one specific type of animal that …show more content…

Most if not all of these individuals who firmly believe in protecting dogs, do not have any opinion on other types of animals who can be considered
Wang 2 pets, that are being slaughtered for food daily. In the novel Eating Animals, author Foer states that “If by “significant mental capacities, we mean what a dog has, then good for the dog. But such a definition would also include the pig, cow, chicken, and many species of sea animals. And it would exclude severely impaired humans”. Like the author stated, the argument that dogs should not be physically consumed because they are animals of which have the mental capacities to feel pain, among other emotions. This however is a flawed argument because the mental capacities of a dog is extremely on par with other animals of which most of these individuals have no problem consuming what so ever. Animals such as cows, pigs, and chickens are all capable of feeling these types of emotions. Thousands of individuals world wide have all of these animals as pets. Pet chickens, pet pigs, pet cows, and pet dogs share a common ground when it comes to what and how much they feel emotionally given specific circumstances. When pigs are about to be slaughtered in a slaughter house, these pigs can often sense the tension and thus cry uncontrollably prior to

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