A Brief Note On Companion Or Food?

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Companion or Food? What is food? While some people believe that anything that is not human and can be consumed safely for humans in order to help their survival can be considered food, others have different opinions. Perhaps the best example for such controversy lies right in people 's homes. Over the course of the decade numerous individuals have chose to speak about their opinions on the consumption of animals that are considered pets. Numerous studies have been done in order to prove and disprove the health and emotional benefits or harm of such acts, but in the end the justification of such actions still remains subjective. Although the list of pet animals is large in size, this paper aims to focus on one specific type of animal that has been in the center of such debate for a very long time, dogs. While the consumption of dogs can be seen as a very sensitive topic as result of its close relationship with humans in some countries, upon close analysis of not only its history as an animal that was used as food but also the effects of it being eaten, one can thus vividly conclude that the physical consumption of dogs is widely beneficial to the human race in terms of not only health, but also economy. The main flaw of the individuals who stand behind the protection of dogs against using them as food for humans is that they do not have the same ideals for other types of pets. While these people as well as many passionate activists believe faithfully in the humane…
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