A Brief Note On Congestive Cardiac Failure And Its Effects On The Patient And Family

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NRSG 353 Assessment 2 case study 1 1. Outline the causes, incidence and risk factors of the identified condition and how it can impact on the patient and family Congestive cardiac failure (CCF) is a complex and lethal clinical syndrome with high morbidity (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2011). The specific data about incidence of chronic heart failure is unknown due to difficulties in collecting self-reporting data (Australian Institute of Health and Welfare, 2011). Some patients may not report their conditions, because it is mildly symptomatic and difficult to realize the symptoms when they are on the early stage of CCF (Urden, 2014). Therefore, the estimated data on incidence of CCF from National health Survey may be…show more content…
Elderly people like Sharon who is on regular digoxin and frusemide are at high risk of digoxin toxicity (Skidmore-Roth, 2013). Frusemide is a loop diuretic which could effectively help her to get rid of the excessive fluid in her body as well as electrolytes (Skidmore-Roth, 2013). As a result, Sharon might experience hypokalemia, which could induce digoxin toxicity (Skidmore-Roth, 2013). In addition, Sharon has hypotension, which could also be related to the side effects of medications such as enalarapril, digoxin and frusemide (Skidmore-Roth, 2013). The impacts of CCF on Sharon and her family might be both physical and psychosocial (LeMone & Burke, 2011). Firstly, patient’s activities of daily living (ADLs) could be affected due to her easily getting fatigue (Urden, 2014). Patient’s social life could also be restricted due to her limited mobility, which may lead to isolation, low self-esteem and further mental problems (LeMone & Burke, 2011). In addition Sharon’s family might suffer burdens related to Sharon’s frequent hospitalization and decreased functional level (LeMone & Burke, 2011). Furthermore, Sharon’s caregiver might feel overwhelmed by her complex care needs (LeMone & Burke, 2011). 2. Common signs & symptoms and pathophysiology of CCF a.Myocardial hypertrophy (Morton & Fontaine, 2013; Perrin, 2009; Swearingen, 2008) Myocardial hypertrophy is enlargement of heart chambers, which is caused by ventricular

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