A Brief Note On Eastern Gear, Inc.

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Eastern Gear, Inc; located in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, a job shop manufacturer of gears weighing a few ounces to 50 pounds, specifically custom made to order for very small manufacturers, development, and engineering research laboratories. The company’s job shop operations over the past year has experiecenced rapid growth, as a result operations are reflective of batch processing. Batch processing in particular, volume orders vary, also many differing product orders, resulting in inefficient raw material inventories, schedule and inventory difficulties. Now in the third year of business, most importantly, Eastern Gear’s growth is booming. Last quarter sales increased 100%. (Schroeder, R., & Goldstein, S; 2013) • Order entry processes are inefficient, customer orders are taken manually. • Customer approval for final production not established, prior to manufacturing creating scope creep. • Customer orders are not entered into the work schedule properly. • No contractual agreements established with selected suppliers to stock and replenish inventory. • Raw materials inventory stocks are non-existent. • Bottlenecks occur due to lack of inventory and inefficient scheduling. • Customer orders are not scheduled in the work flow process. • Significant delivery delays occur frequently. • Customer orders are lost. • Working layout inefficient. • No lean practices, wait time between processes to lengthly. • Work flow is inefficient. • Quality controls are

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