A Brief Note On Elizabeth And Charles Knox

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Elizabeth & Charles Knox hailed from Northern Ireland and became popular as philanthropists who are the founders and the driving force behind the establishment of the Elizabeth Knox Home + Hospital. Though started as a hospital to provide a roof and treatment for the ill, it has today grown to house a number of aged and retired people and is widely recognized for its distinguished services.
The first tangible resources that can be identified are its Gardens which are a natural retreat for anyone who steps in and is willing to grow a quality produce. This also helps in developing relationships and attachment with the plants and animals that make life worth living.
The other tangible resource that can be identified is the workforce or the human resources which proves to be the most valuable asset. The team consists of individuals who are determined, innovative, and hardworking, curious, productive and reliable. The bonding with the staff is more like that with a family member. As they reciprocate care and wellbeing, they go around winning hearts (Hunter, 2005).
Among the intangible resources, the first one to be mentioned is the testimonials from the residents and patients at Elizabeth Knox to their family members, relatives and friends, all reminding and being thankful for the wonderful services offered. Beyond an age, it is not the money that matters, but the love, care, warmth and belongingness which does not always come with money. So Elizabeth Knox…
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