A Brief Note On Environmental Injustice And Fracking

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Courtney Kennedy October 8, 2015
Environmental Injustice and Fracking Recently, North Carolina has been conducting pilot studies to determine whether or not hydraulic fracturing should be pursued in the state’s shale beds, a topic that causes much polarized debate. Hydraulic fracturing, otherwise known as “fracking,” uses water, sand, and chemicals to release natural gas from as far as 10,000 feet below the Earth’s surface. Supporters of fracking claim that natural gas is an ideal “bridge fuel” as the energy industry moves from fossil fuels to renewable energy sources and argue that the practice benefits the environment and the economy. Nonetheless, while hydraulic fracking does provide an intriguing option for alternative energy, this process is not entirely safe, as chemicals used in fracturing pose a threat both on the surface and underground. In addition, the fracking industry is an environmental justice issue because it disproportionally impacts lower-income communities, who often do not have the resources or power to fight back against corporations that exert tremendous power and influence in the political and economic spheres. Because the two sides focus only on their own needs, the debate over fracking is extremely complex, polarized, and unproductive as corporations and communities struggle to find a compromise between the rights and health of the community and the economic dominations of natural gas companies.
One argument in favor of fracking is…
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