A Brief Note On Kate Chopin 's ' Chopin '

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Maddy Mummey Mrs. Corby AP English 12 20 April 2015 Kate Chopin Kate Chopin was a successful author of numerous short stories and novels during her life; many critics refer to her as a forerunner author of the 20th century ("Kate"). Throughout Chopin 's life and the many experiences she endured, she grew a great sense of respect and empowerment towards women. However, she is not categorized as a feminist or a suffragist ("Kate"). Chopin insistently supported the revolutionary notion that women were strong individuals and were equal to men. Attributable to her resilient beliefs, the majority of the female characters in Chopin 's short stories are not portrayed as the typical women of her time but rather as an individual with wants and needs similar to herself. Kate O 'Flaherty was born in 1850 in Missouri (Wyatt). She grew up with five siblings and a father, all of whom passed away in her earlier years. Critics believe that her respect and passion for women and their success blossomed within her early childhood years since her mother, grandmother, and nuns at her school were her biggest and possibly only role models growing up. At the young age of 20, Kate O 'Flaherty married her husband, Oscar and became Kate Chopin. Within the following eight years Chopin had six children. Once her husband 's cotton brokerage failed, the Chopin family moved to the South where they opened a plantation and general store (Wilson). In her new home of Louisiana, Chopin began to absorb the

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