Kate Chopin The Storm Essay

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Kate Chopin The Storm Kate Chopin: "The Storm"

Kate Chopin lived from 1851 until 1904. She was born Katherine O'Flaherty and was raised in post- Civil War St. Louis by parents who were on the upper end of society. She married Oscar Chopin, moved to New Orleans, and had six children. After her husband died, Chopin moved back to St. Louis to start her writing career at age 33. She incorporated many taboos about literature into her writing. Some of these taboos were female sexuality, struggles, and triumph over the stereotypes that had been placed on them over the centuries. She was a very popular writer until 1898 when she wrote about even more controversial issues in Awakening. Many people felt that her views were very feminist …show more content…

They mention that there is someone (wife/mother) waiting at home for them but they don't put that much effort into attempting to get home. They seem to believe that everything will be all right if they just stay there and wait out the storm. These characters aren't seen as uncaring, but more as unconcerned about the welfare of the mother. The only thing that they do that is seen as kind and thoughtful is when the father purchases a can of shrimps to take home for her.

The next section of the story shows Calixta, the mother, sitting at a window sewing. She isn't concerned for the safety of her family and doesn't realize that there is a storm approaching. Like many relationships, things may be going along just fine until 'opportunity' flashes, like lightening, and a decision has to be made that will change the future. Calixta's opportunity is in the shape of a man named Alcee Lavalliere. He shows up at her gate as she is attempting to get her husband's clothes off of the porch. He asks for shelter and Calixta offers to let him wait out the storm inside. She realizes that she hasn't been alone with Alcee since she was married and feels the temptation that she knows she must suppress. At this point, Chopin takes a little time from the action of the story to give a description of the house and especially the bedroom. She says about how Calixta and Alcee are in the

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