A Brief Note On Neo And Neo Metal Shops

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This group “Neo Nails”, is very different from what you would expect. It’s a lively and fun vibe when you are walking into “ Neo Nails, “ group because the workers are very friendly, which is a great quality. Apart from nails places I’ve been to, this place has caught my attention, with their vibrant setting, friendly workers, special deals, and new style inside of the shop. The Neo group is a unique and diverse nail shop. Society has the misconception of nail salons only being a “ family business” and only having Asian American workers work there. Assuming that there are some places that have strictly Asian workers, when people go to get their nails done that 's all they see so they assume that all of the workers and nail shops are strictly Asian. Anjelah Johnson, a comedian, stereotypes nail shops by imitating the language, and they nail shops workers are talking about the clients. When asked where I work in a casual conversation, I would respond saying I worked at the nail salon and the response I usually get back is “of course” or “does your family own it?” The misconception started from the long history of nail shops. The reason for having mainly Asian workers in nail shops is because Vietnamese-American women are tied to the history of nail salons. It all began with a women named, Tippi Hedren, an actress who went to an asian refugee camp and painted the women’s nails. She tried showing them a new vocation that they can make a living with. In the 1970s, it
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