A Brief Note On Safeguarding And Protect Children

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information that they have stored. It is important that this information is only used to safeguard and protect children. If a parent would like to know any of the information stored about their child they have a right to access this, as well as their own educational records. If the information stored may cause harm or put risk to the child, then this information can be refused. It is vital that every setting complies with the Data Protection Act. At my setting this is done by ensuring that each student and member of staff has their own username and password to access the computer. This ensures that certain information can only be seen by certain people. Where information is stored in cabinets, there are secure locks and access is only…show more content…
Any children that may be on the ‘at risk’ register must be supported by both the school and outside agencies that are appropriate to their needs. It is the professional adults responsibility to ensure that children and young people are aware of acceptable and unacceptable behaviour. Question 2b (Weighting: 0) An explanation of the importance of a child or young person-centred approach. It is critical that a person centred approach is always used with issues regarding safeguarding. The most important aspect is ensuring that you listen to the child to gain all the relevant information that will allow you to understand their needs. Where appropriate children should be involved in any meetings that discuss them where you respect what they have to say and ask for their opinions. Children and young people should be able to trust you so that they feel comfortable talking to you about any issues. If a child trusts you, they are more likely to confide in you and express their feelings therefore any actions that need to take place are more likely to happen at a much greater pace. It will allow any authorities or organisations involved to gain vital information and therefore reach a more suitable solution. If a child centred approach is not followed, then major information could be missed. An example of this is when a little by; Daniel Pelka was murdered by his mother and her partner. Agencies did not involve the child and only considered the explanations
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