A Brief Note On Self Management And Customer Service

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I have been a Patient Access Specialist for the past eight years, in that time I have learned much about self-management and customer service. I have held several jobs prior to the current positon I hold; I was a cashier at Burger King, new employee trainer, waitress, and team lead waitress at Applebee’s. I was a medical biller, medical coder, and office manager at Freeman Chiropractic. The last two position I held were at Michigan Heart and vascular and currently Otsego Memorial Hospital as a patient access specialist (Otsego Memorial Hospital). In all of my positions I grew as a person and learned how to work with others and communicate effectively. As a patient access specialist working midnights in an emergency room, I have learned how to work in a small efficient group to get big tasks completed quickly. I have to listen, assist when needed, talk clearly and effectively, and be ready in an instant for something to happen. I truly enjoy my job as a patient access specialist in the emergency room however, it has left me wanting to do more with my career and wanting to make a bigger impact in the professional world. After thinking a few years about what I wanted to do with my life, I knew that nursing was not something I wanted to do; even though I enjoy the hospital setting. I know there are several different career options in the hospital that do not involve nursing and one of those is management.
I duel enrolled at North Central Michigan College while I was in high

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