A Brief Note On The Air Temperature Inversion

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1. Is a temperature inversion more likely to form on a calm or a windy night? Why? The air temperature inversion is more likely to occur on a calm night versus a windy night. The inversion will happen when the air, closest to the earth is a lot colder than the air higher in the atmosphere. Wind will naturally mix and causing the temperature preventing an inversion. Temperature inversion may happen during a cold front moving through. 2. What are the various methods used to protect sensitive crops from damaging low temperatures? Explain why each method works. Fruit trees can be very vulnerable for farmers (Ahrens 65). Many ways a farmer can protect their crops as they are blossoming during low temperatures is by using orchard heaters or Smudge pots. Smudge pot warm the air around the trees close to the ground producing heat to raise the temperatures. Another way that farmer protects their crops to warm the ground. They way the ground is warmed is through a devices such as a wind machine (Ahrens 65). A wind machine is a fan, which emulates propellers. One of the advantages that the wind machines provide is that they turn on and off as they reach certain temperatures. The basic way to protect crops is by covering them. On a cold night to protect small plants of shrubs covering them with straw, cloth, or plastic sheeting will prevent ground heat from being radiated away (Ahrens 65). 3. Would a strong radiation inversion be more likely to form on a winter night or a

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