A Brief Note On The Deaf Culture And Hearing People

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When a child or an adult who is deaf, there are many options one can take to fix their hearing if they want to. They have the options of hearing aid, cochlear implants, an auditory brainstem implant, an auditory midbrain implant, or use ASL. The cochlear implant is a very controversial topic between the Deaf culture and hearing people. Deciding whether or not to receive the implant and be involved in the Deaf culture is a very hard decision for someone to make because of the benefits but also the complications that could happen after the surgery. My original opinion about the implant was neutral because if I got asked what I would do if my child was born deaf, I would not know what to do because I did not have enough information about the cochlear implant. However now, I feel that I have learned more about the implant and think that an implant and still be exposed to Deaf culture is the best way to go. So my original opinions I felt wishy washy about the topic. I understood both sides of the argument, but I did not know what I would do. Getting the implant provides many opportunities for the person, but then their deaf identity is not really in their life anymore because the person needs to focus on speaking to learn English. So I did not know what I would do if I was put in that situation. Throughout this class, I have gained more knowledge about the two sides and it has helped me get a better understanding of what I would do if I had a child born profoundly deaf or I

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