A Brief Note On The Emerging Superpower Of An Individual Project

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Asha-mariam ali hersi
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China the emerging superpower


despite the following dissertation being an Individual project I would have never reached my fully potential without my lectures and my supervisor is help and therefore I would like to extend my sincere & heartfelt obligation towards all the lectures who have helped me in make an effort towards getting best possible support for my dissertation and who faith in me and urged me to do better. Without their active guidance and constant encouragement, I wouldn’t have been able to complete my dissertation. I would like to thank the supervisor Mr Andrew Moran whose expertise, understanding and knowledge on this topic has guided me supported me in completing my dissertation and allow me to emailing him when I wasn’t able to attend my appointment, nevertheless I was able to communicate effective with him by e-mail and this was helpful for me.

For my project reflective log report I have outlined which methods I used to conduct my research in it have explained my expectation within regards to my research and what research skill I have used or haven’t used before and how this benefited my research alongside that I have highlighted the problems and issues and development I had with writing my research project and towards conclusion it will reflect my overall view towards writing my research project.

2.Research skills
3.Problems /issues/Developments…
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