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Reflective Report From the very beginning of this semester we are being taught how to write a proper project for something. So from the first class we have been shown that to write a proper project we will have to follow certain criterion. This criterion will make the project look proper or perfect. With the support of our honorable course instructor we were learning the steps of writing a project. From the very beginning we have been told that we will have to make a project during the semester within a group. There will be five members in each group. So we made our group. The most important thing is that we had been told we will have to complete the project within five lac. The money can be less than five lac but can not exceed…show more content…
If anyone sponsors our project then they will also not be getting any profit out of this project. For this reason our project is non project finance. We have been taught how to mitigate risk in a project. There might be different kinds of risks. We also have different kinds of risk in our project. These may be liaison risk, unavailability of trainer, mike, meeting place, and many more. We have been taught how to mitigate these kinds of risks. There are three methods of solving these kinds of risks. These are delegation of risks and direct actions and ignorable. There are also three types of risks and these are crucial risk, nominal risks, and finally ignorable risks. We have been taught that crucial risks are those risks that might affect out project the most. Nominal affect out project a little bit and ignorable is what we can ignore. Ignorable is something we can do nothing about it. Nominal risks might be imperfect weather and flood and many more. We also have been taught what kinds of risk fall under which level of risks. We also have been taught why this type of risks fall under this type. We have been taught how to define activities that is to be done in a project. In our project we have different kinds or activities. These are select location, accommodation, food arrangement, testing land, meeting arrangement and many more. Without these activities we cannot run this project. We have

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