A Brief Note On The Migration Of Patient Health Records

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Samara Zamora
Final Project

Steps Involved in Migration of Patient Health Records
A hospital in Orlando, FL has decided to switch from a paper-based system to an electronic health record system. An electronic health record is a computerized, accessible record that contains multimedia data (scanned images, digital, video, voice, and so on) about the patient; it is basically the patient’s paper chart. EHR’s are real-time records which allow instant availability to those who have authorized access to the EHR (Bowie, 2011). There are many reasons for a hospital to want to change from paper records to an EHR; the usual primary reason is to improve medical documentation. First and foremost it is important to establish what the hospital’s primary reason is to establish an EHR. Knowing this will make the transition smoother and faster because of comprehensive EHR software and hardware installation that is comprised of a number of different components (Medflow).
The steps involved in the migration of patient health records from a paper-based system to an electronic health record in a hospital setting are as follows:
1. It is important to have an estimated project budget for the transition, having this will prevent delays or cost overruns later.
2. The hospital might need to hire an outside company or decentralize document imaging at different locations in the practice. If an outside company is hired records are sent offsite to be scanned and converted, the hospital needs to

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