A Brief Note On The South Carolina Is Suffering An Economic Downturn Essay

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Like any other state, South Carolina is suffering an economic downturn. One of the problems is that the state has a financial obligation to cover federal programs such as Medicaid and Medicare. This leaves the state with little to no funding for other state services. One of those state services includes higher education. Since most of the money that funds colleges and universities comes from the state and federal government, if that money is cut, the institutions have to find other means to gather the money they need. When this occurs, it makes higher education unaffordable for state residents. Besides causing tuition rates to rise, budget cutting causes institutions to cut programs and services, cancel professional development opportunities for faculty and staff, delay necessary facility renovations and construction, lay off employees etc. Due to this, it leads many to believe that budget cutting causes a decrease of quality for higher education. The purpose of this research article was to prove that it is difficult to maintain the quality of higher education while losing valuable resources. Brinkman and Morgan designed the study to identify a potential correlation between the budget cuts and the quality of South Carolina higher education. In the study, the participants were used from the state’s higher education system. It surveyed the people who were most familiar with higher education budgets. In this study, university administrators from 4-year public, 4-year private,

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