A Brief Note On The United States ' Time Zone

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IGN (InGame Name):
Date of application
August, Monday 2015 24
The United States
Time zone:
MDT (Mountain Daylight Time)
InGame ranks (Mine rank and Donation Rank,only if you have one): none (might buy rank soon)
1. Why do you want to be staff?:
I want to be staff for many reasons. These reasons are: I love to help people and be a kind person. I help them if they have a question, I tell them how to play or do something, or I do anything they need (Unless it 's giving OP or commands/power to be bad or just something I 'm not allowed to do) I also want to have new experiences with new people and how they act. For example: I want to see how people react to different people or how they react if they die in a game …show more content…

Nor do I tolerate with swearers or people that are just plain BAD. With staff, I can ask them to stop and if it gets bad I will kick or temp ban if needed (I will not do without proof/permission). Also, I want players to be happy. I do not want a player leaving because somebody angered him/her. I will do my very best at keeping everybody happy and not wanting to rage quit or leave the server forever. I want everybody to be happy and have a happy community. I will not be a bad person and make people leave. I will be nice and do as others that are a higher staff tell me. I will not argue and I will not be bad.
2. Describe how you think you could make a difference on CycloneNetwork as a Helper:
As A helper, the difference i think I can make is making people not want to leave and join and always stay on the server. I will be a role model for newer players and others to follow me. I am not very good at building at all. I can build an simple house but that 's pretty much it. I 'm pretty good at World Edit and a lot of commands. I will never abuse my perms unless absolutely necessary (which I doubt very much i will need to do.) I will fulfill my position and life up to staff expectations or anything I 'm told to do. I will follow the rules and will be actie (I will try to be on daily unless I 'm away or school is taking my time away) and I will properly punish players depending on how bad their rule break is. For example I will not bad a player who swears only once

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