A Brief Note On The United States And Agriculture

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Security The essential element needed for crops is water; used in agricultural development to flood the land and prep the soil. Water usage is an ongoing process for the United States Department of Agriculture Services and the future adaptation in climate change. As it is integrated with security by keeping America 's farmers and ranchers in business, as they face the uncertainties of weather and markets. This equilibrium of safety and risk must be maintained, in order to provide stability and strength for the agricultural economy. 12 Unstable populations can often fall prey to food shortages and water scarcity. These events then become a primary concern for the U.S. on mitigating against possible outbreaks of water and turmoil. Droughts, being one of many weather problems, are a frequent killer to unstable economies. UN officials rely on the scientific evidence to shed light on the potential conflicts that breed in areas of drought, floods, desertification, and other climate activity. Climate impacts migration, economic suppression, and a governments’ ability to govern as well as the accessibility to land rights and freedom. 13 This is an important topic for the United Nations when considering climate change and what to do about water scarcity; as the mediators to the global unrest the UN is responsible for peacekeeping and providing humanitarian aid. While climate change is a focal point on how conflict can easily be a factor in global events. The security policy

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